Midseason Impression: Summer Anime 2018

We’re almost halfway through this season and there are so many standout anime from every genre!
So first off, I just wanted to apologize for not putting out a first impressions post like I did for last season. I was waiting for Attack on Titan to drop this whole time so I could include it, but it didn’t release until we were three weeks into the season Once again, I do apologize! This midseason post should compare what my first impression was when I first watched the PV, when I first watched it, and how I currently feel about the shows.

With that, let’s get started!

Attack on Titan Season 3 (3 episodes):

Watched: 4 episodes

Before coming into this season of Attack on Titan, I was expecting the community to not like it. After all, where did the Titans go?? The title is literally Attack on Titan. On the contrary, it has been well received so far and I’m happy that it is! As a fan of the manga, waiting for the chapters to release monthly was a pain. The plot was moving on a snail’s pace but with the anime, it doesn’t feel as slow since a new episode drops every week.


We are 3 episodes in and we have already seen some high octane action thanks to Levi and Kenny’s first confrontation in awhile. Along with this, a lot of truth has also surfaced as we find out more about Historia’s past.

Honestly, I don’t remember much from this arc in the manga. It was forgettable to me since I dropped it and waited for the chapters to stack. The anime is doing a good job of adapting it so far and I appreciate it a lot as a lot of the events that happened are starting to come back to me now.

Grand Blue (4 episodes):

Watched: 4 episodes

The humor in Grand Blue is so.. refreshing. It feels like I’m watching one of those old college flicks from when I was a kid. Coming into this show, I was expecting a lot of college girls in bikinis but what I got instead was.. buff naked guys.. who binge drink alcohol.. like there’s no tomorrow..

But somehow, I’m having fun with it?? Maybe it’s because the amount of alcohol involved is just blown out of proportion. Like seriously, they drank so much in the first episode that I felt like puking myself LOL!


The first episode was a strong start. I burst out laughing harder than I should because of the facial expressions they use in this show. Other than the insane amount of booze, Grand Blue is still pretty good. It’s about Iori’s journey to a whole new world of diving (sounds very familiar) and it was touching when he finally opened up to it even though he has no experience in swimming.

I have heard from people who read the manga that it remains funny on a consistent basis so I will hold the same expectation for the anime.

Harukana Receive (6 episodes):

Watched: 6 episodes

My favorite of the season so far! Harukana Receive has been a very enjoyable watch with the right balance of fanservice and action from the beach volleyball. It’s honestly a shame that it is only rated a 6.77 on MyAnimeList. This show is so light and fun to watch and I wish people would actually give it a chance.


The characters are the highlight of Harukana Receive so far. We can see that Haruka is an optimistic girl who is willing to learn beach volleyball. Kanata, on the other hand, has some baggage on her left behind by a bad experience from years ago. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are competitive in spirit but thankfully, that side of them stays only in the court.

The fanservice isn’t bad either. You can read more about how I feel about how they don’t use excessive fanservice and how it shouldn’t turn away the viewers here.

I am expecting more action from the second half and hopefully, they keep up with the production quality. This show gives off a very good vibe from the colors that they use to the soundtrack that sounds like how summer should.

Hanebado! (6 episodes):

Watched: 6 episodes

The first half of Hanebado! was so edgy and the melodrama was off the roofs. Seriously, why does every one of her rival have this murderous intent for her? You girls are playing badminton, not fighting for your lives in the Dark Tournament. And the manipulation and abandonment that Hanesaki experienced from her mother were traumatizing to the point that she goes full psycho during a match? No wonder she didn’t want to join the badminton club at all.


I was impressed on the first episode as the scenes on the court were fluid but I feel like the melodrama was just too much. Hopefully, the direction goes more towards just playing badminton and less of crying and hating on each other for the second half. I think the episode that focused on Izumi’s match was better than the rest so far as the feelings of defeat after a competitive match were present. It wasn’t melodramatic at all and everything felt genuine.

Revue Starlight (4 episodes):

Watched: 4 episodes

The only reason I picked up Revue Starlight is because it has idols. What I got instead was something more.

I wasn’t familiar with the source content at all so I came into this show blind. At first, all was well. The first half of the first episode looked like it was shaping up to be just your usual idol anime, except they were theater girls. The innocence that teenage girls normally had was there and I was already preparing myself to watch their journey to become proper theater actresses. The setup made it seem like it would be the next Idolmaster. But everything changed abruptly during the second half. and what a plot twist it was!


We were thrown into a fight between two of the.. girls?!  Hold up, I thought this was an idol anime?? The way the second half was directed reminded me a lot of Mawaru Penguindrum and how abstract it was. In fact, the director of this show, Tomohiro Furukawa, worked with Ikuhara-san on Mawaru Penguindrum and you can see that influence seep on this show as well. The songs and the OST were outstanding as well. They were all powerful, as to be expected from theater, and adds on to the intensity of the fights between the girls.

There are a lot of deeper meanings to this show and I am looking forward to more truth to be unveiled. I will probably write a blog post about the symbolism in this show in the future, as well.

Asobi Asobase:

Watched: 5 episodes

Is this the Pandora’s Box of reaction pictures this season? From the PV, the voice acting was so exaggerated that it seemed like this show would try way too hard to be funny. But lo and behold, it’s one of the funniest shows I’ve watched in a while.

The opening song is so bubbly that it makes it seem like it would be your typical moeblob comedy anime. However, don’t judge the book by its cover.. Or well, an anime by its opening song?


I feel like Japan wants to give this image that schoolgirls are pure and innocent when really they have an equally crude humor like schoolboys. And this anime is doing a good job of depicting that!

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro (6 episodes):

Watched: 4 episodes

Just like Asobi Asobase, Chio-chan is another wacky comedy. Chio is a below average girl who is exceptional in video games. And even though she is just your normal schoolgirl, she somehow gets herself into these crazy scenarios on her way to school. This is the highlight of the show. What is supposed to be a boring daily activity becomes an unexpected adventure for Chio and her friends.


This show reminds me of one of my favorite comedies, Nichijou. From the facial expressions to the simple art style suddenly changing into high production animation quality, all of these add up to make Chio an entertaining show to watch.

Cells at Work (5 episodes): 

Watched: 5 episodes

Another surprise for this season! Who would’ve thought that anime can make biology an interesting and entertaining subject? This show is so creative when it comes to building a world within the body. Every cell in the body is personified and given a personality that matches their purpose.

Red blood cells that work like Amazon or UPS mailmen who deliver goods to certain parts of the body? Or the white blood cells who have a strong bloodlust for eliminating any potential threats? Or maybe the cute, little platelets who seem so helpless yet are responsible for stopping bleedings. This show is very informative but at times, there are information dumps that require a bit of reading but little time to do so. Regardless, learning things this way is a lot easier than reading from a book as we see the cells in action.


By the way, the platelets are the highlight of the show. Like.. They are so cute, I would literally beat up anyone who dares to lewd them. SO PLEASE DONT LEWD THE PLATELETS!!

I’m actually watching a lot of seasonals for summer, aren’t I? There are so many interesting shows this season that I ended up picking up so many but I’m actually enjoying myself! Hopefully, the second half of all these shows are as good, if not better, than the first half

So what are you watching?

Thanks for reading~!

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