The Dilemma of Rewatching Shows

Over these past couple of months, I have been getting temptations to rewatch a lot of my favorite anime.

Of course, I didn’t fall for it. I felt like I had this obligation to catch up on all the anime I missed out on while I was taking a semi-break. But I am getting this urge to rewatch anime again. For some of them, it has been around five years since I first watched them. Because of that, my memories of what occurred to even what the general premise of some of these shows are are very blurry. It’s not even about an anime is so bad that it’s forgettable; I just have a bad memory, to be honest.


But before getting to rewatching anime, it feels like you’re wasting your time watching something you’ve already seen when you could be going on a whole new adventure to the unknown with a brand new cast full of new characters. It’s this cycle of overthinking that eats up your time when you could’ve just gotten a show over with.

Jerem, you know you could just do both right..? 

That’s the thing: I can’t. I’m not as heavily invested into anime as I used to be so I try to be more efficient with my time. I wish I was still deeply into anime where I could watch a one cour series in one sitting. But nowadays, it would take me a week just to get one done. I wish it wasn’t this way, but anime just isn’t my number one priority anymore. I have become a casual fan..

So why are you writing this post? 


I just kinda wanted to vent about this dilemma of mine. I have so many anime on my backlog and every week I find something else to add to it or even becomes a must watch on the spot. But at the same time, I see GIFs or clips of all these anime that has a special place in my heart and can’t help but get this longing to revisit it. I mean I’ve already fallen to this temptation once this year, and it hasn’t even been long since the first watch either. I watched Houseki no Kuni around December and six months later, I was tempted to hit a rewatch because of my anime convention experience in Fanime. What I got out of it though was a deeper understanding of Phos, and I even wrote a post about it!

What shows exactly are you thinking about rewatching? 

I’ve been getting the urge to rewatch these certain shows for years now and I might just go ahead and go for it.

A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun 


With the announcement of the third season of Magical Index, it’s finally time to revisit this series. I remember watching it five years ago because there was an abundance of Misaka Mikoto on my Facebook feed so me, being curious and open to any anime, decided to check it out. The episodes were honestly bad quality on the site I used; I was a broke college kid who didn’t know how to watch anime legally, and I was still foreign to torrenting at the time. So I watched it with its blurry ass 240p fight scenes and bad bitrate thanks to my also bad internet, but I somehow still enjoyed it because the plot was enough to keep me going. This time I would probably enjoy it more since thankfully, Crunchyroll has it! So hooray for that!!

Of course, this rewatch is probably going to take a long time. Magical Index and Scientific Railgun combined are a whopping 96 episodes and I watch anime at a snail’s pace now (RIP). But I know for sure it’s going to be worth it.

Likelihood of getting rewatched: I’m actually going to be starting my rewatch very soon so I am excited about that!



One of my favorite slice of life anime. If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, you could see how many times I’ve used Oreki as a picture. His hair is aesthetically pleasing plus he has the KyoAni eyes so what can I say? Other than that, I remember Hyouka to be this laidback show. The persistent force that was known as Chitanda was enough to shake up Oreki’s dull life was very entertaining.

Likelihood of getting rewatched: I will probably rewatch it before the year ends, as well.



Just like Magical Index, Chihayafuru has also been announced for another series. I was particularly fond of this series since it has a more mature vibe to it compared to the bubbly, sparkly feels that the typical shoujo anime/manga give off. This was the first anime that introduced me to Jousei and I like it a lot because it’s basically a KDrama animated.

Asides from that, Chihayafuru was also a sports anime to me. Karuta might not seem like an interesting sport to watch. In fact, I didn’t even know this sport existed until I came across this show and it made it seem very intense. Just like any sports anime, the cast goes through training in order to hone their skills and this is very satisfying to watch.

Likelihood of getting rewatched: It isn’t as long as Magical Index so rewatching this should not take as much time. I will probably begin right before the third season starts.

So thanks to all of you guys for putting up with my rambling. Now, I have a question: How often do you all rewatch anime? And how exactly do you balance it with watching new anime?





14 thoughts on “The Dilemma of Rewatching Shows

  1. I like rewatching anime that I know I enjoyed the first time through, and it’s been a few years. Yeah I may remember the overarching story, but it turns out my memory is awful at remembering details so I get a lot of those “Oh yeah! I forgot that happened!” moments.
    So its sort of like watching it for the first time, but not quite.

    But I think enough time has to have passed first, otherwise I’m not sure how much I’d actually enjoy rewatching something.
    Magical Index is actually one that I wouldn’t mind re-watching either – I actually dont remember much from it at all..

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    1. Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about rewatching. I remember rewatching Code Geass and thinking, “wow, this happened?! I don’t remember..” even though I could remember the overall story.

      The thing with Magical Index is my memory of the whole show is just fuzzy in general except for Accelerator, and that’s only because he’s my favorite character.

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      1. Accelerator is for sure the best part of the anime. Haven’t read anything on the new season that was announced but he better get some screentime!

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  2. It’s hard looking at your backlog, feeling like you have to force yourself to complete it. With so much anime to watch it’s easy to be dragged into the next phase you’ll go through. When it comes to re-watching anime I love it, it’s the reason I collect physical copies. Personally don’t want to rely on streaming online to watch anime. I don’t find it hard re-watching series especially if they’re favourites, they’re ones I come back to in time of need to be honest. I’m not always looking for the newest thing like many are. Right now I’m planning to re-watch a InuxBoku a supernatural series I love, to do a post about. Makes me excited, or maybe they’re is something wrong with me rewatching certain series lol

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    1. I feel it, back then rewatching anime wouldn’t take me as long since they are my favorites and binging favorites is easy. But now, no matter what anime I watch I’ll always watch it in the same pace whether it be something new or something I have seen countless times. My backlog has started to pile up so I can’t afford to really be rewatching.. but I will anyways LOL

      Also, I loved Inu x Boku! I probably need to revisit that soon too 🙂


  3. Always a difficult choice. One solution I’ve found is to read the manga of the old show if one is available. That way you’re reading something familiar but in a different form with nuanced (or drastic) differences, and aren’t wasting so much time because you can get through a manga pretty quickly. – Pro tip from a busy student!

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    1. this is a good tip, but I’m not really good with manga especially if it involves a lot of action. My imagination sucks lolol, but I have done it before. Well, idk if it counts since I read the manga years after the anime ended since the manga ended as well

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      1. Yeah, I don’t really dig manga action either, but to be fair, I also don’t really watch action anime. I do often find manga art styles to be more unique. It’s just interesting to compare the mangaka and anime studio’s intentions/artistic choices if you love the anime enough!


  4. “A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun ”

    You have excellent taste.

    Your heart loves what it loves. I don’t want to you advice (Tolkein’s elves hesitated to give advice, even to the wise, because things can go south too easily), but if I did, I’d say watch what you love. I keep up with a number of new seasonal anime each year, but right now I’m re-watching The Asterisk War (again), Haganai (again), and Cat Planet Cuties. Not because I claim they’re great, but because I need a mental refuge from this world. And those shows are giving it to me.

    Yes, I’m saying that the characters, themes, and action from something like the “A Certain *” series are healing. And I’m saying that we shouldn’t downplay that.

    Why, yes, my perspective is atypical. Thanks for noticing!

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    1. Ahhh! That’s great advice, and in the end it just feels like a responsibility vs enjoyment kind of thing.

      Responsibility meaning I have to cut down my backlog. Not that I’m saying I won’t enjoy the shows I need to be watching, but there’s still a chance I wouldn’t.

      On the other hand, the shows I loved I know for sure I would enjoy and would like to relive those moments!

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  5. When I was younger I pretty much only watched stuff I hadn’t seen before, but in recent years I’ve found myself revisiting a lot of old favourites. I think it mostly depends on how much good new stuff is being aired at a given time!


  6. OOPS sorry, just saw this post was from 2018, but I already wrote the comment, so, why not:

    The worst feeling is when the anime purposefully ends on a cliffhanger without planning to make a season 2, And you never know what happened afterwards. THE WORST.

    Guess i’ll just rewatch it and pretend I don’t know of it’s terrible fate.

    For the questions, I’ve probably rewatched the one above at least 10 or 20 times in the past 3 years. But most of the time I only rewatch it a few times, maybe 5 or so, If it’s a major favorite. I usually find a group of anime every month and binge watch them, dropping the ones I don’t like. Because if I don’t binge it, I’ll get too lazy to pick it up again.

    Sorry, this is getting long.
    – some random person from the not future, of 2020.


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