Somewhere over the AqouRainbow: a Love Live Story

It was a night I will never forget..

Hey guys! Like I said on my previous post, I was going to write separate blogs about the events I have partaken in while I was in Anime Expo and I am gonna be starting off with Aqours World Love Live! in LA ~Beyond the Pacific~.

DhSlYYxUYAACDbm.jpgBeyond the Pacific Live was probably the best moment of my life and this is totally not an exaggeration. It was my second year in a row coming to an Aqours concert, except last year it wasn’t a solo concert but one with other idol groups. I have been a big fan of Love Live since 2013 when I first came across the anime. The premise of the franchise was simple yet effective: high school girls try to stop their school from closing down by becoming school idols to bring more attention to their school. We watch them go through hardships on their way to the top and it is very inspirational to watch.

I have never felt so much energy running through my veins and that was with the day starting off really bad, too.

For starters, we came in at 10 in the morning to wait in line for merchandise and they were supposed to start selling it at 12 noon. We didn’t really mind waiting for 2-3 hours for merchandise but due to technical difficulties, what was supposed to be a short wait became a LineCon. The line was so unbearable that we would only move a couple steps every 20 minutes. And what made it worse was the heat. I don’t think people would have minded waiting for so long if they were under AC or were even just under shade. It got so bad that the concert was about to start and people were somehow still in line. Luckily, I finished buying merch 15 minutes before so we had time to spare.

loveliveI was already drained and exhausted from waiting out in the sun for hours, I thought I wasn’t even going to enjoy the performance anymore. But as soon as the lights went off and Aqours came on stage, a sudden bolt of energy struck me. I’m pretty sure I was running on pure adrenaline that night.

I was overwhelmed with happiness knowing that I get to see the girls again! I never thought they would come this year after finding out their Third Live was during Anime Expo week.. But here they are, performing in front of this lively Los Angeles crowd.

I found it cute seeing the girls determined to speak to the audience in English. It must’ve been hard for them, watching them stutter or mispronounce words; but to us, it was the thought that counts. Their attempt to reach out to their English fans was more than enough to me 🙂

I was also caught by surprise from the fact that the subgroups performed! I was so hyped to see CYaRon! come out after the intermission to perform their songs. All the subgroups performed beautifully but then Guilty Kiss stole the spotlight right as they opened with Strawberry Trapper. The crowd was electrifying! I was jumping the whole time just from the energy emitted by the people around me!


After the subgroups performed, another intermission came on. It was much needed since the whole audience needed a breather from that explosive performance. Right as the intermission ended, the girls came out again in their Uranohoshi skirt and the merch shirt. This usually marked the end of the performance as they only wear those after the encore in their concerts. I was saddened by it because I never really wanted this night to end.

Then came Love Live Sunshine season 2’s closing song, Yuuki was Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni! This was supposed to be the song the crowd executes AqouRainbow. For those of you who don’t know, there are three audience-wide penlight projects that were planned out for certain songs:

  • The YousoRoad, which would have been for Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
  • The KananRail, which was made for Happy Party Train, and the hardest of them all,
  • The AqouRainbow, which was for Yuuki was Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were many people that didn’t believe it would work, and in all honesty, I was one of them. The AqouRainbow was the most complicated to pull off out of all the penlight projects since it involved different sections of the crowd to all have a coordinated color.

The whole time I was reminding everyone around me to switch to our designated color, which was Riko’s pink. And then Anchan’s solo came on. This is it: the moment of truth. The whole audience went dark and then the penlights slowly arose with their designated.. colors? It’s working?! IT’S WORKING! WE PULLED IT OFF!!!

I was so touched by the whole experience, I couldn’t stop myself from crying while cheering! Even Aqours was surprised by the gesture. As the rainbow emerged from the darkness of the theater, you could hear the surprise from Anchan’s voice as it cracked a couple times while she was singing. After the song ended, Anchan and Shuka were moved to tears!

What is so amazing about the AqouRainbow was that it was our way of conveying our love and dedication to Aqours. Some see Aqours as an inspiration, while some only went to support the Love Live franchise. But even then, Aqours helped or affected their lives in some way. This beautiful moment was made possible by everyone in that theater.


Even with the doubts that were clouding up everyone’s minds, they knew deep down they wanted the Rainbow to happen. Our feelings were one, as is our love for the girls and all that they have done for us. It had all came out in that one special moment, it was almost as if time had slowed down. I definitely wish that moment could have lasted forever.

The girls that served as an inspiration to us all. The girls we watched come out of nothing and worked their hardest to shine. The girls who most people thought would always be overshadowed by their predecessor, μ’s.

Thank you Aqours and here is our way of showing you our gratitude 🙂



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