Back from Hiatus and a Quick Rant About Anime Expo

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting for 2 weeks uwu.. I was out on vacation and while I was gone, I have come up with a lot of things to write about. But first things first, I want to share my Anime Expo experience with you all!

So my week in LA was a blast. I met up with friends from all over the country and we had a lot of fun experiencing the city. There were plenty of memories that were made and they were all beautiful in their own ways. But unfortunately, most of these memories were not even made in Anime Expo.


In fact, Anime Expo was a very unfun experience this year compared to my first time last year. There were so many problems within the convention itself. For one, the panels were all scheduled close to each other.

Last year, I had the opportunity to go to most panels that I wanted to go to. It was very enjoyable especially since the con I previously went to (Fanime) didn’t have any important panels. So being at Anime Expo, a lot of the major anime companies usually set up their booths and panels. This event serves as a window for anime fans to take a sneak peek at what they have in store for the year and also for the future.

On the other hand, the panels at Anime Expo this year were all clumped up together. There wasn’t any room to breathe and people were forced to pick between panels instead of being able to go to all of them. You usually had to wait between one to two hours in line just to get into any panel.


One example of this for me was when the JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures, Liz and the Blue Bird, and Aiba Aina (Voice actress of Yukina Minato from Roselia) were all scheduled at the same time. I wanted to attend the premiere of JoJo Part 5, but I also wanted to watch Liz and the Blue Bird since I recently became a big fan of Hibike Euphonium this year. In the end, my biggest priority from all of these was to watch Aiba Aina’s performance. I had to support especially since Bang Dream! is pretty new and it is also upcoming.

I wish that they scheduled the panels a little better because I couldn’t have been the only one to feel this way.

Another problem I had with Anime Expo was the horrible crowd management at the venue. Getting from the Exhibit Hall/Artist Alley to the Entertainment Hall normally takes around 5 minutes of walking but the traffic makes it so that it takes 15-20 minutes just to get there. It’s literally a fire hazard since there was no space at all for people to move.

It’s frustrating to think that in the exhibit hall, people who would stop by to watch a performance or just to check out the booths would get called out by the security. People had to keep it moving since it was a fire hazard.

Just look at how many people there are in this hallway (pics taken by Alexia). The halls were packed that if a potential fire breaks out, I’m pretty sure a stampede would occur and hundreds would get injured.


The only solution to both problems is to hard cap the number of people that could attend. This would fix the number of people that stand in line for each panel and even lighten the crowded hallways that serve as a fire hazard. I know Anime Expo is becoming more popular every year but it’s come to the point where it’s a LineCon more than anything.

But Anime Expo wasn’t all bad though. There were still memorable events during that week, the notable ones being the Aqours Live, Crunchyroll Industry Panel, Flavors of Youth world premiere, Aniplex Panel, Aina Aiba’s performance, and the Sword Art Online Festival.

I’m going to leave it off on this note and write about these panels on a separate blog post so please look forward to it!
And by the way, it feels good to be back! ^_^


5 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus and a Quick Rant About Anime Expo

  1. God sounds nothing like an Australian convention, but god my anxiety would go through the roof with all those people. My goodness. But glad you still had a fun time in LA looked beautiful weather and hope one day get the chance to go to AX myself 😁

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  2. I’ve always wanted to attend at least one anime con in my life, there is one nearby actually, but I’m a huge fan of large crowds. Those pics of the crowds looked pretty solid and yeah totally not safe at all.

    I guess if you had a good time though that’s the main thing. I was kinda following your tweets along with a few other people attending and it looked like most of the fun times they had were just hanging out with friends and not actually at the venue itself.


    1. yeah at this point, I think AX is just an excuse for people to gather together. The event isn’t as fun because you really spend most of your time in line than experiencing the con itself, whether it be panels or buying merchandise. I know it’s getting popular but they really have to hard cap the event. Most of the people I saw looked miserable in line, including me and my friends..

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