Closing Thoughts on Spring Anime 2018

Spring season is coming to an end and it’s time to finally share my final thoughts on the seasonal anime I kept up with. This season is stacked in terms of anime coming back with new seasons. Other than that, there wasn’t really a lot that caught my eye and the ones that did were all pleasant to watch in their own ways. I’m not really sure if it’s the right time to be publishing this post as SAO isn’t finished yet, and I am behind on Amanchu Advance. You can read the progression of my thoughts on all the season anime I kept up with starting with my first impressions and midseason thoughts.

1. Sword Art Online: GGO Alternative (Episode 11)


I personally believe that GGO Alternative is better than the original Sword Art Online. It isn’t finished yet, but I will most likely make a separate post to conclude how I feel about this series. Please look forward to it next week!

You can watch Sword Art Online: GGO Alternative on Crunchyroll here

2. Hinamatsuri (Finished) 


An absolutely amazing and refreshing show! Hinamatsuri was a treat that I looked forward to watching on a weekly basis. It wasn’t heavy on plot but what it was heavy on was the comedy! Every episode was filled with well-timed punchlines, humorous jokes, and it reminded me of old-school comedy. The supernatural kids, Anzu and Hina, and their journey to adjusting in the real world was fun to watch as they face living a regular life without using their powers.

Furthermore, the relationships that were built between the kids and the adults were all wholesome. Anzu learned a lot of lessons from the homeless and because of how she was raised to value even the little things, she recognized everything that her adopted parents gave her as a blessing. Hina, on the contrary, started off very spoiled and entitled as Nitta basically gave her everything she wanted. She had a wake-up call after being kicked out and learned to appreciate Nitta more. The relationship between the two began to develop more as a father-daughter as they began to feel comfort in each other’s presence.

The timeskip on the last episode was surprising, as well. I was worried about the show introducing a new character when there were only 3 episodes left and was ready to give the show a lower score for not concluding it. Thankfully, she showed up on the last episode and served as a good ending and maybe even a build-up for the next season.

As for the final grade, I would have to give Hinamatsuri an 8/10.

You can watch Hinamatsuri on Crunchyroll here

3. Comic Girls (Finished)

DgUhdIiVAAAMquD (1)

Comic Girls proved to be just another moe-blob show. That doesn’t really take anything away from the show, it’s just that I find nothing special about it. I found the show entertaining as it focuses on 4 girls who draw different types of manga. You can tell that Kaos is way behind in talent compared to Tsubasa, Koyume, and Ruki. However, this doesn’t demotivate Kaos from drawing. In fact, the other 3 provide a support system for Kaos so she would never feel discouraged. I found it very touching that all four of them supported each other in their craft rather than be competitive. Mangakas already have a tough time meeting deadlines and even then, they would still find the time to help out on small duties like inking, screening, and toning.

I think what stands out with Comic Girls is the yuri. For most moe slice of life shows, they usually only queerbait between characters, but Koyume’s feelings for Tsubasa came off as genuine. She even admitted to it herself.

Comic Girls was a fun watch. Each week I actually thought of it as a chore to watch the new episodes, but after it is over I couldn’t wait for the next week’s. Yeah I know, it’s weird =__=

Anywho, for my final grade on Comic Girls, I would have to give it a 7/10.

You can watch Comic Girls on Crunchyroll here

4. Amanchu! Advance (Episode 9)


I’m gonna keep it real with y’all: I haven’t watched Amanchu in 3 weeks. But in my defense, I was watching Aria, which was the predecessor of this anime. What I found interesting was how they expanded more on the magic realism. Just like Aria, Amanchu wanders off into the fantasy world, which was initially introduced this season with Teko being a “pro” in lucid dreaming. During the Peter arc, we see Ai get charmed by someone who seemed to be a ghost. I left off after the conclusion of this arc, which in my opinion, dragged on for too long.

I should be finishing it up soon, but I just haven’t found any desire to.

You can watch Amanchu! Advance on Crunchyroll here

5. Shokugeki no Soma- Toutsuki Ressha-hen


As an addition to these 4 anime I kept up with for this season, I also caught up to Shokugeki no Soma- Toutsuki Ressha-hen. I have never been so disappointed in this series.

A lot of flaws have been exposed and personally, I’m also starting to think that the whole pattern of Soma winning every battle from a secret ingredient is getting old. There are many ways to win a Shokugeki but somehow, they can’t find a way to mix it up. Another reason I’m disappointed is the fact that this season is ending off halfway through the Team Shokugekis. Putting it on hiatus halfway through was already a bad move and now, they’re going to finish it off on what should be the climax of this arc.

Overall, I’m going to have to rate this season of Shokugeki as 6/10. I mostly blame J.C Staff for killing the hype of what could have been an amazing season as Central has been the first actual villain Soma and friends have encountered.

I’ll be making another post on what anime I’m hyped for for next season later this week, I already have a couple I have my eyes on.

Thanks for reading!

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