How Food Wars Got Me Back Into Cooking

It’s already been a year since I first came across Food Wars, also known as Shokugeki no Soma. It was probably one of the most enjoyable series I’ve watched; not only because the show itself was good, but also because it reintroduced me to the world of cooking!

The very first Food Wars came out in 2015 and frankly, my initial thought on it was it’s just going to be another “ecchi” show. So I didn’t even bother picking it up, but at the time I was mostly burnt out on the ecchi genre most of my friends became instant fans.

Three years later and I picked up the show out of boredom.


At first, I thought the ecchi parts of the show were just a gimmick to set it apart from the rest of the shonen show but after awhile, I started to get desensitized to it and focused more on the food. All the food that was prepared in the first few episodes looked very appetizing. The method of cooking itself was portrayed as something meticulous and that made me want to get off of my ass and cook. And the best part about it? The food they cooked in the anime wasn’t hard to recreate either!

My prior history on cooking dates all the way back to my junior year and I haven’t done it since. I was in a culinary class then because, like I said from my previous post, I wanted to pursue a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. I wasn’t fond of it though so I didn’t take another class. I felt like I was missing an actual motivation to cook.

Watching Food Wars sparked my curiosity again in cooking so I decided to explore. 

I recall one of the first dishes I made was the Beef Bourguignon. Out of all the food they’ve cooked so far in the first season of the anime, this interested me the most because I haven’t used red wine and also a slow cooker for cooking at all. The food came out pretty good and I was proud as someone who has only just started cooking again!


After this, I decided to venture into other cuisines that weren’t even in the anime, mostly Cajun as I liked adding a lot of spices. Like seriously, I had an obsession with Cajun cuisine. I made Cajun pasta, Cajun chicken, and jambalaya just from that week I discovered it.

About three months into cooking, I also made bacon wrapped pork loin which resembles the very first dish Soma made: Bacon Wrapped Roasted “Pork” (except Soma’s was made of potatoes). The prep was tedious because I had to wrap the whole loin with a couple pieces of bacon. However, It came out delicious! The texture and the sweet flavor of the bacon complimented the softness of the pork loin so well.
Out of all the dishes made in Food Wars, I think the curry theme for the Autumn Elections was the most influential. I always go to this spot near my house where they sell Japanese curry and I liked it a lot. Japanese curry felt more like a stew to me and has a more mild flavor compared to the strong flavors that Indian curry has. Now going back to Food Wars, I found out how diverse curry actually was. There were so many variations of how each student cooked curry! I was scared to make it because I thought I lacked experience and also the time to make it so I didn’t entertain the idea of cooking it. But curry just looked so amazing that I just had to get my hands on it!

Because Japanese curry was my favorite and was also more accessible to make, I attempted to cook it. I did about a week of research on it until I could find a recipe, prepping this dish took such a long time because of how much beef I bought and I had to brown all the pieces ( T ▽ T ).  After all, I wasn’t cooking it just for me but also for my family. The whole process of cooking probably took me around 2-3 hours but it wasn’t done quite yet! Curry tastes better when you leave it in the fridge for a night as it lets the flavor settle down. The moment of truth came the next day. It tasted just as good as the one I get from my favorite Japanese curry shop! Here’s a picture~QELD249Q

A year later and I am still finding more ways to cook food. I’ll forever appreciate Food Wars for not only reintroducing me to cooking, but also for making me love it. Back then I only cooked with the intention of feeding people, but now I have this desire to make food look appetizing and taste yummy. And from Soma, I learned to innovate while cooking instead of following recipes I find step-by-step. Thanks to Food Wars, cooking has become one of my passions.


Thank you for reading!





2 thoughts on “How Food Wars Got Me Back Into Cooking

  1. You’re definitely not alone there! I went out and bought some Japanese curry roux to make it myself thanks to Food Wars last year. Watching that anime just fires up the desire to cook!

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