SAO: GGO Alternative is a Game and Nothing Else.

GGO Alternative has finally ended, a week after all the anime I was keeping up with, and I have nothing but good praise for it! I’m a big fan of the original Sword Art Online but I seriously think that GGO Alternative is the best installment from this universe.
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Titans, Beach Volleyball, Badminton, and Idols: Anime to Look Forward to for Summer 2018

Summer is finally here! Which means it’s time for the heat (uwu), the beach, long days and short nights which you all will hopefully fill with happy memories! Also and most importantly, new seasonal anime! I recently checked out what is coming out for this season on AniChart and saw a lot of anime with the potential to be good.

It’s time to take a look at what I am anticipating to watch and what I’ll be holding off on to binge once the season ends!
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Closing Thoughts on Spring Anime 2018

Spring season is coming to an end and it’s time to finally share my final thoughts on the seasonal anime I kept up with. This season is stacked in terms of anime coming back with new seasons. Other than that, there wasn’t really a lot that caught my eye and the ones that did were all pleasant to watch in their own ways. I’m not really sure if it’s the right time to be publishing this post as SAO isn’t finished yet, and I am behind on Amanchu Advance. You can read the progression of my thoughts on all the season anime I kept up with starting with my first impressions and midseason thoughts.

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Misused Words by Anime Fans: What Is World Building?

So I’m back for another segment of Misused Words by Anime Fans! If you haven’t checked out the very first segment, I covered character development. And for this week’s topic: World Building. This term is very concise,  but still proves to be confusing many people. Don’t fret though, I’m here to help!

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