HYPE: Three Events I’m Excited For!

Summer is around the corner, but unluckily I still have classes for the next three weeks..


On the other hand, I just wanted to share with you all some future events I’m excited about!

This is going to be a short post by the way, since I’ve been grinding too much on Bandori this week (please pray for me and my journey to top 100) and I actually have a midterm today. So I’m sorry in advance ;__;

Anyways, let’s get started!!

New Bang Dream! Seasons Confirmed:


I haven’t seen the first season of Bang Dream yet, but knowing that they are coming out with two more seasons next year gets me so excited! As you all know, I have turned into a really big fan of the mobile game. I’ve grown fond of it and its community as of late, and it’s something new that I’ve become very passionate about. You should check out why you should start playing it too!

Because of how dynamic the stories are in the game, I’ll be expecting more from these two new seasons. More importantly, I want to see more focus on the other girls and bands other than Poppin Party!

I’ll be starting the first season soon in these upcoming weeks though, and I shall be posting my thoughts about it as well.

Fanime Next Week and Anime Expo in Two Months:


Summer is coming up and the stage is set! It’s anime convention season once again which means it’s time to re-up on merch!! (even though my walls are full of anime posters already) There’s just something about cons and how comfortable it feels to be with fellow anime fans, you know? Going to my local convention, Fanime, gives a very homely vibe. It might not be as big as Anime Expo, but I get the opportunity to meet more people from the anime community in the surrounding area. It’s always fun seeing local artists at Fanime and then seeing them again at Anime Expo. I feel like a proud parent even though we’re not really close like that haha!!

Contrarily Anime Expo, which is the biggest anime convention in the country, gets very hectic. The whole venue is consistently crowded, making it to the panels is uncertain at times since it has limited seats, and the lines are painfully long. However, it adds to the overall experience. I loved the atmosphere of the event and I really miss it.

Additionally, I can’t wait to meet long-time friends and even new people I’ve met online in these upcoming cons!

If you see me, come say hi!

Aqours Beyond the Pacific!


Saving the best for last, I get to see Aqours for the second time live this year! The last live they had at Anime Expo last year was amazing and was a performance of a lifetime for me. I wasn’t that into Aqours even after the first season of Love Live Sunshine (I was still a µ’s fan deep down), but watching them perform live awakened something inside me that night. The audience was electrifying and their energy spread like wildfire! It was an overall enjoyable experience that I can’t wait to go through again.

Now that I know more of their songs and I have watched all their other lives, I’ll be more prepared this time around so I can enjoy the live to its fullest!

Ahhh, why can’t it be summer break for me? There’s so many events to look forward to that I just can’t wait already.

Do you have any upcoming events or announcements that you’re excited about?

Thanks for reading, as always!

2 thoughts on “HYPE: Three Events I’m Excited For!

  1. Never been to an anime con before but they look pretty fun. While there isn’t one of the Island I know Vancouver has a few every year, although it would take a lot of planning and such to actually attend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah for anime expo, we usually had to reserve everything 6 months before because once the event draws near, the prices for lodging and plane tickets skyrocket. So yah plan ahead


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