Midseason Thoughts: Spring Anime 2018

Picking up from my first impressions three weeks ago, we are now halfway through the spring season!

The spring season is STACKED as there are a lot of big shows that have come back with new seasons (Steins;Gate 0, My Hero Academia, Food Wars!, Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Panic!). I’m also hearing nothing but positive feedback on MEGALOBOX so I am excited on catching up to that show. But like I said on my first impression, I won’t be watching any of those except for SAO: GGO Alternative. Enough about that, let’s begin on my thoughts on anime I’m actually watching for this season~


1. Sword Art Online: GGO Alternative


It took a full 5 episodes to reach the conclusion of Squad Jam but throughout those 5 episodes, I was very much entertained. As someone who has been playing a lot of Fortnite, I appreciate how the show encompasses on battle royale mechanics and strategies but still weaves in comedy on each episode.

If you’re expecting a really serious show, then I can’t recommend you GGO Alternative.This isn’t the original Sword Art Online anymore, there’s no lives that are in danger. This isn’t a “death game”, it’s just a game that its players are meant to enjoy. However, this doesn’t make this show bad in any way.  I love watching the players be competitive but also be complete sports about it. Sure LLENN has absurd plot armor but I think it adds hilarity to the show and sets it apart from its predecessor.

I look forward to the second half of this season!

You can watch Sword Art Online: GGO Alternative on Crunchyroll here

2. Hinamatsuri


Can we change the title of this show to Anzumatsuri? Seriously, what a great character she has become and what an emotional rollercoaster she has put us through. Learning how to work just to eat by the end of the day at such a young age is tough, but Anzu has done it.. But not by herself. Her story is very touching as it shows her growth from stealing from stores to earning an honest living just to get by.

Apart from Anzu’s story, Hina and Hitomi’s stories are still comedy. I thought the gags would have gotten old by now but the quality of the show shows no signs of dropping. I thoroughly love and enjoy this show and is on its way to becoming anime of the season for me.

You can watch Hinamatsuri on Crunchyroll here

3. Comic Girls


Comic Girls remains the moe blob you can’t help but watch just for the cuteness.

I enjoy every episode mostly because each character is adorable in their own unique way. Kaos is that imouto that everyone just wants to protect. Koyume is that character that breaks the antisocial mangaka stereotype within the show by being outgoing and easily making friends. Ruki has the Onee-san vibe to her that is further strengthened when she got her fan meet/autograph signing. Tsubasa is the chuuni of the group that also has insane talent. There are also hints of yuri as we see Koyume and Tsubasa go on a date but Koyume still doesn’t know if what she feels is love or just admiration

I do want to see Kaos actually get some manga work done though, and I’m looking forward to that!

You can watch Comic Girls on Crunchyroll here

4. Amanchu! Advance


I always look forward to Saturday mornings because of Amanchu! Advance. It continues to play its role as a therapeutic show with its soothing soundtrack and just an overall laidback atmosphere.

As I mentioned in my first impression post,  I wanted to see more scuba diving this season and I got exactly what I wished for. Additionally, we even get to discover the supernatural side of the show (always wondered why it was also under the supernatural genre). We see Teko in the world of lucid dreaming and also the local myth of the “Black Mermaid” who comes and saves divers who are in need of help.

The visuals for the Peter arc were also recently revealed which wanders off even more to the supernatural. This show won’t just be your regular slice of life anymore and hopefully, they execute it well.

You can watch Amanchu! Advance on Crunchyroll here


So what are you watching and what is your anime of the season so far?


Thanks for reading!

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