I Can’t Watch Anime Like I Used To.

Gone are those days.

WitchTV_19_2.jpgI still remember when I can binge 6-10 episodes of anime a day. Just spending those nights finishing up a 1 cour anime in one to two sittings. I wish I was still as deep into anime as I was 4-5 years ago.

How did this all begin?

Anime has always been part of my life. Growing up in the Philippines, there were time slots when it was only anime on the two major TV channels. I didn’t really explore anime until high school. During sophomore year of high school, I had a small anime phase where I watched all the gateway shows (Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Angel Beats). I stopped shortly after because I got into other hobbies and having no one in my local area to talk anime with kind of discouraged me.

Looking back at it, I was a very shallow person during high school. I gave up something I thoroughly enjoyed just to have superficial relationships with my locals. I had a fall off with most of my “friends” during senior year and that’s when I decided to try out anime again.

Once I got into college, I started to realize so many things. I had much more free time and people don’t care as much about what you do or what you’re into. You’re not stuck with the same people for 8 hours everyday and there’s no point in trying to impress or fit in with them..

So I decided to go full throttle and delve deeper into the world of anime.


During this time, I felt like there was so many shows I wanted to watch! I was very enthusiastic about the medium as it was a world I have always loved and cherished. All these anime that were considered classics were all lined up for me. Along with these highly rated anime were also some horrible ones, but I had a rule for myself where I would never drop a show no matter how bad it was. At the same time, I discovered an anime community on Twitter, and I finally found people I can have anime discussions with!

It was a beautiful time. 

Second half of 2014 came around and I got into League of Legends. By the start of 2015, I have fully immersed myself in it. It came to the point where I stopped watching anime so I can allocate more time to play league.

Nevertheless, during this hiatus, I still picked up ongoing anime here and there that people on my Twitter timeline would talk about (One Punch Man and Erased as examples). I only started watching anime again fully in 2017, catching up on shows I haven’t watched from my brief hiatus.

But I’m still not as deep into it as I used to years ago.


I went from watching around 60 episodes a week to barely getting through 12-13 episodes. Yeah, I fell off hard. I just feel like at this point, anime isn’t my main priority anymore. There were plenty of series in my backlog that I couldn’t wait to get to. And now, I don’t feel the slightest bit of rush to watch them.

But there are still days when I could sit down and binge around 6 episodes. I just had one yesterday actually and it makes me think: Is it me or is it the anime? Or maybe it’s both?


Because there really are some anime (Food Wars and Hanasaku Iroha) where each episode would fly by like its nothing and I could keep watching for hours. But then there are also those anime that are perfectly made for me in every way (Made in Abyss and Little Witch Academia) yet I can’t watch more than 3 episodes in one sitting. So maybe it really is just me and my selective attention span. The anime I just listed are just examples of what I have seen this year, by the way.

I got nothing to post about today so here I am thinking out loud instead. I know it’s not really a well thought out post but I just wanted to talk about it anyway. I started watching Hanasaku Iroha this week, and it usually takes me around 2 weeks to finish a 2 cour anime. I’ll post my thoughts about it next week.

To the people still reading: Are you still as deep into anime as you used to when you first started?

If you answered yes, then how do you do it?

If you answered no, then what made you lose interest?

9 thoughts on “I Can’t Watch Anime Like I Used To.

  1. I would say yes, I enjoy anime as much as I used to, but I 100% get where you’re coming from. That may be because I rarely watch that much anime at one time – anime has always been a treat in my busy life (except for the old days when I binged Bleach).
    The burnout situation continues to happen with books for me though. And that’s a big problem, because I major in English lit. I can read a masterpiece and put it down right before the climax for an entire month. Perhaps it’s when you give yourself too much pressure to enjoy/appreciate/analyze something? Unfortunately, I have no solution to this, but I’m sure the feeling will come back again!

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    1. I think it really is just my attention span. I don’t really force myself to watch anything and analysis of a certain anime just comes in naturally too.

      I just wish there were more anime out there that could make me feel the way I did when I first got into it.
      The quality of the shows that have been coming out are gradually getting better though but during my brief hiatus (2015-2016) there was not that many that caught my attention

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      1. Oh, sometimes it has to do with the season too. I couldn’t quite get into 2014-15 anime.
        Perhaps it’ll take a second season of a favourite to get you to enjoy anime as much as before again!


  2. I relate to this so much! 😀 The part of the Anime AND losing my life to League of Legends for a year straight xD

    My answer to question is: Both! You are different and Anime is also different! 🙂

    4-5 years is a long time for someone who 5 years ago was a teen 🙂 It’s when you change a lot and end up and adult (sort of) and of course things like staying all night watching Anime or playing a video game will change. Moreover, your expectations started to get bigger. Why? Well, because you have consumed this kind of entertainment and watched some great masterpieces, which means that you are now a little more picky with what you watch.

    However, Anime also changed! Since I’m doing the random Anime Reviews at my place I get to watch old and new Anime alike. Anime from all genres and with completely different ratings. What I have to say is… Anime was better doing cliffhangers and stories that just wants to make you watch the next episode. Nowadays there are some like that, but I think it’s less of them.

    This is a result of having people more focused on animation, looking pretty, action and so on than the story itself. Why is that? Well, evolution of society in general. People more and more don’t like tow aste their time in anything, so what Anime has to do to be able to survive all the competition? Put out Animes that will make people caught up on the episode! It works fine if you are watching in a weekly basis, it does not work as well when it comes to binge-watch.

    Well, at least these are my thoughts on it 😛

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    1. That is true too. As you watch more anime, the more you want to see something different.. and disappointment awaits when you don’t.

      There hasn’t been that many that has brought something knew to the table during my hiatus but during 2017-2018, I feel like all the anime I’ve watched revitalized my love for it. Shows like Made in Abyss, Houseki no Kuni, and A Place Further Than The Universe all had refreshing concepts.

      But then you watch older anime (like the ones for your random Anime reviews) and you can appreciate it more for setting up concepts that newer anime have probably polished.

      I really like the first part of your response as it explained my situation perfectly and actually reminded me why I quit in the first place.. I have forgotten about it since it has been 3 years

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  3. I completely get you. I used to be able to watch multiple movies of the same anime series in the same sitting and I do remember days where I could bingewatch about 4 – 6 standard-length episodes a day without much of a break, but these days I end up at my limit after about half that (not counting specials/shows with an episode length of under 15 minutes, which I can binge to no end or watch in between standard-length episodes without repercussions). I think it’s not only due to “adulting” or getting picky like Arthifis says, but because the way people watch anime has changed so quickly over the years. You have to remember simulcasts only really became a thing around 2010 and streaming itself only started being a thing in the 2000s, plus there’s so many shows these days not even the most dedicated anime fan has time to take them all on.

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

      You brought up a good point about anime being more accessible to watch. I feel like back then, you had to work hard in order to watch a series (finding a good site that has it in good quality was a pain) but now, you can just tune in to Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Amazon and it would be right there. Heck, even the illegal streaming sites would have it in HD.

      But I don’t think it’s about how many shows there are these days, because iirc the amount of anime that comes out a season is probably still the amount that it did years ago.


      1. If I remember right, there are about 40 anime per simulcast season but this spring there are about 50, so I’d beg to differ. Certainly the number of anime each season is somewhat consistent in the short run, but that stat makes me wonder if it’s increasing or going to increase over time as more countries get involved in the industry…

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