First Impressions: Spring Anime 2018

We are now 3 weeks into the spring season for anime and with that, it is time for me to drop my first impressions on the anime that I am keeping up with and quick thoughts on the ones that I am looking forward to watching.

This season is stacked with returning titles like My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul:RE, a side story from the SAO franchise, and Stein’s;Gate 0 but unfortunately, I will not be covering those except for SAO. 

And with that let’s get started!

1. Sword Art Online: GGO Alternative


Battle Royale games have been the craze in the gaming community for the past year. With games like Fortnite and PUBG taking over the market and many more following them, it makes it a lot more easier to appreciate this season of SAO. So far, SAO: GGO Alternative has proven to be great so far. Over the last three episodes, the show has done a good job of setting the stage for the anticipated Squad Jam. On the first episode, we have seen strategies usually used in battle royale games applied. Second episode, we have seen the main character’s background story which is necessary. On the third episode, we see the background behind the event Squad Jam. Overall, I am very happy to see a solid start on GGO Alternative and hopefully, they can execute the rest of the show wonderfully.

You can watch Sword Art Online: GGO Alternative on Crunchyroll here

2. Hinamatsuri


Going into this show, I did not expect it to be as funny as it is. There was an action sequence at the start of the first episode and that’s what I expected. So this show follows the adult adopts a kid that somehow changes their life. Kind of. A strange girl with psychic powers who went by the name Hina, fell out of the sky and was instant trouble for Yoshifumi Nitta, a Yakuza member. So how the heck exactly does this Yakuza take care of her? To my surprise, with great care actually. This show is very wholesome as we see adults and kids interact with each other and at times, the line between them are blurred. There is more to it and I suggest you watch it as it is my favorite from this season so far.

You can watch Hinamatsuri on Crunchyroll here

3. Comic Girls


Cute girls that draw manga. I didn’t really expect that much from this show going in as it is just another slice of life but it is funny at times and cute at ALL times. I do expect some type of development with Kaos-chan as a mangaka especially since she is surrounded by talented ones. Overall, the show is very charming and I like watching it after a long week. I would recommend it if you are into slice of life.

You can watch Comic Girls on Crunchyroll here

4. Amanchu! Advance


Following the first season (Which I just finished the week), Amanchu! Advance continues to be a very relaxing show to watch. From its soothing soundtrack paired with the laidback seaside atmosphere, I am looking forward to watching this weekly. With the introduction of a new character, I wonder how that would affect the friendship between Pikari and Teko? Will it make Teko jealous or would they all become friends at the end of the day? Also hopefully, we get more scuba diving this season. I want to see more of the beautiful world under the sea that we saw on the last episode of the first season.

You can watch Amanchu! Advance on Crunchyroll here

Honorable Mentions:

1. Stein’s;Gate 0

dropped until the end of the season (I need to rewatch the first season as it has been awhile since I first saw it)


I will be watching it also at the end of the season as I like marathoning shows with a good plot.

3. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara

Will also be watching at the end of the season. I love Food Wars a lot but I shall be waiting until the season ends.

4. Mahou Shoujo Site

Thinking about picking it up but we shall see..

I hope you enjoyed reading through my first impressions. If you want me to pick up any shows for the season, feel free to also talk about them in the comments and I’ll check it out

Thanks for reading!

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