hmm how do I begin..

Well I got suspended from twitter. Again.

They didn’t specify exactly what rules I violated so I’m off that site for now. For now, I’ll be posting on this blog to update anyone who still cares about what I’m going to be up to (personal life, anime, games, etc).

To be honest, I feel kind of down but at the same time, it’s whatever. I only feel bad because I will be leaving a lot of my online friends behind but if you still want to talk to me, I’m not hard to reach. I’ll still be on my Discord server and I will probably start using my other social medias more often. I’ll also still be playing video games too! If you want to add me on any social media or want to play video games together, all my info should be here.

But yeah, I didn’t want to make this sound dramatic, it was more of an update on what I plan on doing. I will probably come back to twitter a couple months from now (aka before AX… maybe) and when I do, I’ll probably only use it to keep up with the people that I care about.

Thanks for reading!

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